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If I chose to deviate from the original colour with my Daimler Double-Six restoration, how much it would affect the value?

I'm looking into restoration with Jaguar specialists for my Daimler Double-Six Coupe. I wondered how much it would affect the value if I deviated from the original colour? The car is currently painted red, which I like, but it was originally 'carriage brown'.I personally hate that colour and I don't think it suits the car at all. How much would it affect the value if the colour I choose to respray it is not the original factory paint but another Jaguar option from that time?

Asked on 13 September 2018 by wildwilly

Answered by Keith Moody
Personally, I think you're looking at this the wrong way round. You should ask how much more would I enjoy the car if it was painted in a colour that I like? To answer your question, it's unlikely to affect the value negatively. No, it's not the original colour but I think most buyers would prefer to know that it was solid and rust free. There are just about enough of these cars left for it not to be a problem. But do be mindful that painting the car will lead you down a rather expensive road. If you choose to have it taken back to bare metal, you'll have to confront whatever rot there is head on (and there is always some). Then you'll be looking at protecting the shell before getting it resprayed. You'll also have to decide on the 'while you're there' jobs. For example, with all the components off, now's the ideal time to fit new bushes. But where do you stop? Do you replace the shocks and springs? Rebuild the engine while it's out of the car? Very quickly, you could find yourself with a large bill - possibly more than the car is worth at market value. However, if you love the car then the only real limit on your investment in it is your own financial commitments. If you go ahead and give it the star treatment, it could also change how you use the car. Would it stop you taking it out on a rainy day? Or parking at a supermarket for fear of getting the new paint damaged? All these questions can only be answered by you. The most important thing is that you have a car that you enjoy.
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