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What is my restored 1927 Fiat 509 Spider cabriolet worth?

I'm busy with a full on restoration on a 1927 Fiat 509 Spider cabriolet. How many 509 Spider cabriolet were produced in their day? I've noticed that there's not a lot of these cars around anymore. What are they worth?

Asked on 21 September 2017 by Derrick Brown

Answered by Keith Moody
As you mention, these cars are few and far between - and while 90,000 examples are thought to have been built in the day, there are no figures available for how many survive now. As for value, all we can do is point you towards ones that have sold recently or examples that are currently for sale. For example, one went under the hammer in Monaco in 2016 - an Italian-based example was in excellent condition and sold for €20,000. There is also one available for sale for £20,000 here: I hope you find this information useful - good luck with the restoration.
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