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My insurer are expecting me to contribute £1000 towards fixing my classic car after someone drove into it - what action should I take?

Sadly, someone drove into my 1967 Austin Healey 3000. It was entirely their fault, he was very embarrassed and apologetic. My insurer, Trinity, have approved a repair estimate but are expecting me to contribute £1000 betterment towards the cost of a new wiring loom, plus fitting. In the collision, the loom must have shorted in some way and smoke started to appear. Thankfully the smoke ceased when I turned off the ignition. I am advised that looms do not deteriorate in use, but it worked perfectly until the accident. The repairer does not consider it realistic to repair the existing loom and guarantee it. I have also been advised that a replacement loom will not add significantly to the value of the car. I feel hard done by. Am I being unreasonable? What action should I take?

Asked on 3 September 2018 by Richard South

Answered by Honest John
Advise Trinity that the loom has been damaged as part of the incident. It's a "consequential" loss. The incident is not your fault and you're lawful entitlement is here:

If the loom cannot be sectioned in the damaged area and has to be replaced in full, then this is down to them as part of the claim. It is not down to you because it's not your fault that it cannot be sectioned. However, I can see no reason why the loom cannot be repaired as they are very simplistic on an Austin Healey. There should be no reason a good auto electrician could not do this and guarantee it. Looms do deteriorate, especially on a car 50-odd years old, as the insulation goes hard and brittle. It may well be a perfect opportunity to get it replaced and updated. What I would do is make a claim for "diminution in loss in value " on your vehicle on top of repair cost.
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