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Ford Fiesta Active - Does this qualify as classic ?


I’m new on here and would like to draw on your expertise , I have a 2006 grey Ford fiesta ghia which I was told yesterday could have good resale potential because they are no longer made .

I bought it second hand 3 years ago for £800 and because of rising costs of cars I’ve been patching up, however am longing for a new car

I’m not sure if 2006 is regarded as classic

Many thanks

Asked on 1 February 2023 by Bmg06

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3 answers

skidpan    on 1 February 2023

If its in excellent mechanical and its bodywork is solid you may find a punter willing to take it off your hands but its certainly not a classic.

3 years ago I sold the uncles 2003 Fiesta for him. It looked fine on the outside but the interior needed a serious valet. There were several corrosion advisories on the MOT's as well as the engine light being on for some reason.

In the 16 years it had been on the road it had covered a genuine 32,000 miles and had been serviced annually (probably by the village i****).

We snatched the £400 offered in PX.

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