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VW Scirocco Scala - 1991 Scirocco Scala - in a bit of a state

I have a 1991 Scirocco Scala which has been mouldering away in a leaking, crumbling garage for many years. It's very dirty, quite a bit of rust around the sills and door edges.

The garage needs to be demolished, and really I need to lose the car.

The last time it was started was probably 5 or 6 years ago - mostly it all worked then but I have no idea what state it's in now.

Would it be worth anything to someone as a restoration project?

I can take some pics through what's left of the garage window - the roof beams have collapsed and are resting on the car, so it's going to be a bit tricky to extract without damaging the car further.

If it's desirable, even in its current awful state, it's worth taking care over the demolition - but if it's scrap value only then not so much.

Would appreciate any ideas.

Asked on 12 February 2022 by Chris22963

Tags: buying a used car small cars refund suvs servicing

2 answers

Xileno    on 13 February 2022

It might be worth trying on one of the specialist VW enthusiast websites. Even if the car is beyond repair, it could yield useful spares for someone who is restoring one.

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