Wolseley 6/80 (1948 – 1954) Review

Wolseley 6/80 (1948 – 1954) At A Glance


+Smooth and regal to drive

-That Wolseley front looks even weirder when lengthened on the Minor-esque styling

The Wolseley-Morris connection continued with the more luxurious models. Just as the Wolseley 4/50 was a badge-engineered Morris Oxford MO; the 6/80 was a Morris Six wearing a prominent Wolseley front-end. But the long nose was necessary to accommodate the 2215cc straight-six engine.

It was worthwhile paying extra for the Wolseley over the Morris, because it offered more power (72bhp against 66bhp) thanks to an additional carburettor, and far more interior luxury. That opulent cabin featured sufficient wood and leather to justify its illuminated grille badge and higher price tag.

The engineering – independent front suspension and unitary construction – was also modern for its day, echoing Issigonis' work on the Morris Minor, which it so closely resembled.