Trident Clipper, Venturer and Tycoon (1967 – 1977) Review

Trident Clipper, Venturer and Tycoon (1967 – 1977) At A Glance


+Startlingly fast in V8 form, and earlier cars are ultra-good looking

-V6s offer no advantage over a Capri 3000, later cars looked very ungainly

The Trident Clipper is one of those fascinating British nearly-cars that could have conquered the world. It was blindingly quick with Detroit muscle under the bonnet, but the lengthened Triumph TR6 chassis that underpinned the whole ensemble wasn't really good enough. 

In order to increase sales, Trident installed a Ford V6 in the Clipper, creating the Venturer. It was the same car in essence, with the same all-independent suspension set-up, but with 138bhp instead of 270bhp, making it a much tamer beast. The 1971 Tycoon was a similar car again, but with Triumph 2500 straight-six power. Production halted in 1974, revived in 1976 with a fully Federalised version. Problem was, the required impact bumpers and joke ride height made it look plain silly. 

A handsome British sports car, its styling was constantly tinkered with, but sales were elusive.