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Trident Reviews

Trident originated in 1962 when chairman and managing director of TVR, Brian Hopton, wanted to find an Italian-designed body for the coil-sprung Grantura MkIII. He rejected an original proposal by Frank Costin, and went instead for Trevor Fiore's shapely design. In true British specialist car industry fashion, the car ended up in the hands of Trident, and the new marque got the car to market in 1967.

The company struggled after an initial flurry of interest, and by 1973 was effectively bankrupt. A reorganisation saw continued production from 1976 (after stopping in 1975), based on an ambitious export plan – but by 1978, Trident was finished.

Good: Startlingly fast in V8 form, and earlier cars are ultra-good looking
Bad: V6s offer no advantage over a Capri 3000, later cars looked very ungainly