Toyota Sports 800 (1965 – 1970) Review

Toyota Sports 800 (1965 – 1970) At A Glance


+Cute, a lot of fun, and fitted with a targa roof

-Finding one in the UK is near-impossible

The Sports 800 was an impressive effort considering it was Toyota's first-ever sports car. Clearly, the Japanese company had been looking closely at the MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite when designing the Sports 800 - basing it on the Publica mini-car, and selling it in the tax-friendly Kei-class in its home market.

Its two-cylinder engine was relatively powerful, giving the car eager and capable near-100mph performance. Unlike its better-known (in the UK) rival, the Honda S800, the Sports 800 had a relatively conventional technical make-up, with solid rear axle and drum brakes all-round – but that lightweight, slippery body with useful targa top, ensured it went better than it should have

Never imported into the UK, but a few have been imported.