Toyota Sera (1990 – 1995) Review

Toyota Sera (1990 – 1995) At A Glance


+Tidy-looking coupe with butterfly doors. Mechanically very similar to the Paseo and Starlet with typically solid Toyota build quality.

-Some parts can be hard to find, though Toyota are generally helpful where possible. Doors require frequent maintenance.

Previewed in 1988 as the AXV-II concept, the Sera blends exotic styling with reliable, economical running gear. Dihedral, or butterfly, doors hinged at the top of the A-pillar  and centre of the header rail incorporate wrap-around glass for a light, panoramic interior and great access in tight spaces.

The 1.5 16v four-cylinder engine is similar to that used in the Paseo, and both 5 speed manual and automatic transmissions were offered. Performance is adequate rather than sporting, and a popular conversion is to fit the running gear from the EP92 Starlet GT. A popular grey import for the UK, the Sera was produced in three Phases, with the last models identifiable by the high-level brakelight.

What does a Toyota Sera (1990 – 1995) cost?