Talbot Samba (1981 – 1986) Review

Talbot Samba (1981 – 1986) At A Glance


+Reasonably chic little car, plenty of go in 1360cc form, cabriolet model is a great deal of fun

-Rust and flimsy build, near-extinct in the UK

The Talbot Samba was the final product of the company that built it, and it was a truly Anglo-French effort, with Peugeot 104 underpinnings (on a unique wheelbase) and UK styling. Project T15 was designed to replace the shortlived Talbot Sunbeam, and was a very different beast altogether.

Belying its heritage, the Samba had a predictable engine and model line-up, but the arrival of the cabrio in 1983 was a innovative marketing step that added some glamour to the range. The French-built Samba failed to capture the hearts of UK buyers, and despite being good to drive and economical it was heavily overshadowed by the Metro and Fiesta.