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Sunbeam Reviews

Sunbeam made history when it enjoyed Britain’s first Grand Prix win, at the 1923 French GP. However, in 1920 Sunbeam joined with Talbot and Darracq to form STD Motors Ltd, which proved to be an unmitigated disaster. By 1935 it was bust, and the Rootes Group picked up Sunbeam-Talbot to create a badge for upmarket Hillmans.

The Talbot part was dropped in 1954 and Sunbeam once again became a more sporting marque, with the Rapier and Alpine. Chrysler killed off the badge in 1976, but re-used the name on its make-or break rear-wheel drive supermini in 1977.

Good: Beautiful to look at, and great build quality
Bad: Podgy to drive, hard to find
Good: An appealing mix of solid Rootes underpinnings and Sunbeam glamour
Bad: In the cold light of day, it is just a two-door Hillman Minx
Good: Great styling and simple, rugged mechanicals
Bad: Not as good to drive as it is to look
Good: Great looks, honest usable roadster that's well engineered and a bargain at current values
Bad: Lacking in performance compared with an MGB Roadster
Good: Brilliant performance
Bad: Undercooked chassis
Good: Sharp suited styling, H120 version quick and good to drive
Bad: Rendered obsolete by the Ford Capri