Subaru Legacy and Legacy Turbo (1989 – 1994) Review

Subaru Legacy and Legacy Turbo (1989 – 1994) At A Glance


+Immensely capable, reliable, large estate ideally suited to rural environments. Highly rated by owners. A quick, safe way to transport five people over any road in all weathers.

-Pricey to maintain and repair. Spartan inside. Apt to score the rear discs. Age is no longer on its side. Accident damage and failing turbos.

The Subaru Legacy was the largest offering from the most intriguing of Japanese carmakers when it arrived in the uK in 1990. It bore all the hallmarks, though, such as frameless side windows, and that lovely flat-four engine, and symmetrical four-wheel drive. Its styling was also a softened version of the 1980s wedges, the XT and L-Series saloon, but softened to an extent, and with the added bonus of a 'floating roof'.

The Legacy's falt-four was all-new, and the first of the EJ engine series, that would later find international acclaim in the Impreza. The star of the range was the Turbo. It was powered by 217bhp DOHC version of the EJ engine, and would end up becoming a cult-performance car in the UK thanks to the subsequent grey-import of the Japanese-specification Legacy RS, RS-RA and GT. But estate versions proved popular with existing Subaru customers, and these would end up being the best-sellers in the UK. Rare now.