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Skoda Octavia (1959 - 1971)

Last updated 20 October 2013

Much better to drive than you might think
A little too rare in the UK when new - and certainly so now


Closely developed from the earlier 440, when it appeared in 1959, the Skoda Octavia actually looked a lot fresher than it really was. However it remained a worthy car, so-named because it was the eighth in a line of small cars made by the Czechoslovakian manufacturer. As well as the standard car, a Super version was offered, although though this, too, was based on an old car – the 445. A higher lift camshaft, new inlet and exhaust manifolds, twin carburettors, bigger valves and a higher compression ratio delivered extra performance.

If neither the standard or Super models were enough, buyers could specify the quicker and more focused Octavia TS (Touring Sport). Powered by a 50bhp twin-carburettor engine taken from the Felicia soft-top, it was fun to drive. Although the trio of Octavias was essentially variations of the same car – the faster models always seemed worth their premium. At first, the engine used was the familiar 1089cc unit but from 1961, this was uprated to a 1221cc powerplant, which also appeared in the Felicia – itself a variation of the Octavia.