Singer SM1500 Saloon and Hunter (1949 – 1956) Review

Singer SM1500 Saloon and Hunter (1949 – 1956) At A Glance


+Looks better now than it did when new

-Survival rate very low

The Singer SM1500 saloon was a very ambitious product for a small company like Singer. It was a saloon that was most notable when new for its blocky and slab-sided styling. That may have reflected contemporary American trends - the market it was intended for - but it certainly didn't appeal to Brits, who liked a little more exterior decoration. For instance, it had a row of slats instead of a front grille.

The 1506cc overhead-cam engine was sprightly enough, as was the 1497cc version fitted from 1951 (but which had more power). The 1954 update into the Hunter saw a more attractive and traditional look, with a proper grille but some glassfibre panels, but by then, the saloon was doomed.