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Singer Reviews

Singer built its first car in 1905 after graduating from bicycles and motorcycles. The company found success with the Ten in 1912, and during the 1920s rose to be Britain’s third largest car maker. Billy Rootes bought 50 Tens and used the profits from selling them on to start his own firm. The '30s recession hit Singer hard, and the firm had barely recovered when war broke out.

Things were no better afterwards, and in 1955 it became another badge picked up by the Rootes Group. The cars retained their overhead-cam engines for a few years, then became Hillmans with a fancy grille and interior. Chrysler canned the marque in 1970.

Good: Looks better now than it did when new
Bad: Survival rate very low
Good: Perky performance and good to drive
Bad: Rare and underpowered
Good: Upscaled Hillman Minx with more luxurious interior and more power
Bad: Lacking the glamour of its Sunbeam counterpart
Good: Great to drive, more up-tempo than the standard Imp it's based upon
Bad: Rust and fragility