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Singer Gazelle (1955 - 1967)

Last updated 1 December 2013


Running a Gazelle

30-11-2013 Reader Remininiscence: "My late father had a Rootes group agency during the period in question and I drove a fair number of Hillman Minxes. They were heavy cars to drive and servicing was a nightmare ; 23 grease nipples dotted around the car but mainly on the steering system. The steering used kingpins and bushes; two nipples per side. I doubt that many mechanics ever pumped grease right through them so they must have been running dry on some cars. The first place that they started to rot out was between the front wings and the body. The wings were spot welded in place and had to be removed with a chisel. They were "built stronger to last longer" as Billy Rootes, people claimed but I never thought of buying one even if I could have afforded one.

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