Singer Chamois (1963 – 1970) Review

Singer Chamois (1963 – 1970) At A Glance


+Great to drive, more up-tempo than the standard Imp it's based upon

-Rust and fragility

Rootes badge engineering was alive and well with the Group’s new baby, the Hillman Imp. The rear engined baby car suited the sportier Singer treatment perfectly, and the smooth engine and neat road behaviour was complemented by the higher quality interior trim, and higher equipment levels fitted as standard.

The sportier looking car was launched in 1963, and by 1965, an Mk II version arrived. A year later, the Chamois Sport appeared which was a more highly equipped version of the Sunbeam Imp Sport, featuring the same mechanicals under the skin. In 1967, the suspension on the standard car was fettled and in the same year the Chamois Coupé went on sale. This was the same as the Hillman Imp Californian but again, had a better interior. In 1968, the fascia of the Chamois was changed and twin headlights added, but the cars were all dropped in 1970 when the Singer marque died.