Riley One-Point-Five (1957 – 1965) Review

Riley One-Point-Five (1957 – 1965) At A Glance


+Good to drive - like a Minor but quicker and with more room

-Doesn't have the Minor's cool image today despite being the better car

The Riley One-Point-Five was spun out of the abandoned programme to replace the 1948 Morris Minor with a more mature and profitable car. However, with the older car remaining as profitable as ever, BMC management instead decided to take the more profitable approad of upping the car's sale price and selling it as a Wolseley and Riley instead.

And so, the One-Point-Five was launched in 1957 alongside the Wolseley 1500 - and both picked up a useful following. The bodyshell was the same albeit with differences in trim and the front end, where Riley’s traditional grille was fitted. It was under the bonnet where main differences were; for the BMC B-series 1489cc had an extra carburettor fitted, boosting output to 62bhp over the Wolseley’s 43bhp. Coupled with Morris Minor running gear, the One-Point-Five was a nimble and entertaining car to drive, and deliciously tuneable. The luxurious interior also befitted the Riley image.