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Plymouth Reviews

Plymouth was launched in 1928, as Chrysler's new entry-level marque – and to fight Chevrolet and Ford in the middle-market. Plymouths were originally sold within Chrysler dealerships, but as the marque developed, it was increasingly marketed as a separate entity with its own showrooms.

The marque went through many changes and probably had its best years in the 1960s, with the Barracuda and Fury – which would lead to the legendary Road Runner. Its most prolific year was 1973, with 973,000 Plymouths built, but by the late-1970s, Plymouths were merely badge-engineered versions of Chrysler, Dodge or Mitsubishi models, and in 2001 the marque was dropped.

Good: Stylish Mustang alternative, muscle car versions are ferociously quick
Bad: Watch out for rust, and non-matching number cars masquerading as muscle cars
Good: The fastest of all Barracudas, especially the Hemi engined versions
Bad: Best exploited at Santa Pod. In the dry.