Marcos Mini-Marcos GT (1965 – 1974) Review

Marcos Mini-Marcos GT (1965 – 1974) At A Glance


+Light, strong, and very, very capable

-Cramped and impractical

The Mini-Marcos GT was one of many Mini-based sports cars, which proliferated during the early 1960s. It was one of the better regarded models, though, combining a lightweight low-drag fibreglass monocoque with the front-wheel-drive car’s drivetrain and suspension to produce one of the era's best driver's cars - as long as you could fit in it. Its origins lay in the 'Dart', an aluminium-bodied sports car project based on the Mini van floorpan. It wasn't viable for production, and Marcos' Jem March took it on, rebodied it in glass fibre, and went on to sell more than 700 over the next years.

It proved a successful motor sport, even competing in Le Mans. But most people will remember its brilliant dynamics. Considering it was one of the ugliest cars of its time, it sold well - so much so that when Marcos folded in 1971, the Mini-Marcos continued in various guises, before being taken on by Harold Dermott's D&H  Fibreglass Developments - which went on to become Midas cars. The original has plenty of appeal, though – and good examples fetch strong money - especially now is its becoming eligible for an increasing number of historic races.