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Lancia Dedra (1989 - 2000)

Last updated 2 October 2013


Buying Guide


  • Mostly galvanised Tipo/Tempra-based Lancia saloon, so won't rust like a Beta.
  • 165bhp 2.0-litre turbo is a bit of a tyre shredder, but will give BMW 318i drivers a nasty shock.
  • 2.0ie has 120bhp, which sank to 115bhp with cat.
  • SE has automatic suspension control.
  • 1.8ie has 110bhp - down to 107bhp with cat; 1.6ie has 90bhp, down to 80bhp with cat.
  • Good ride quality, decent handling.
  • Alcantara trim is nice, but not everyone likes the colours.
  • These cars are cheap and can be bargains, if you can find one.


  • Ugly, especially from rear. Dated.
  • Body parts hard to source.
  • When did you last see one of these on the road?


  • Check for uneven and excessive front tyre wear (especially turbo) - may be suspension damage.
  • Heater may be u/s.
  • Look for exhaust smoke from turbo oil seals.
  • Satisfy yourself that performance of turbo is up to the mark.
  • Check all electrics (of course).
  • Expect the odd oil leak, especially from gasket between two-piece head and cam carrier.
  • Need regular 35,000-40,000 mile timing belt changes.
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