Jowett Jupiter (1950 – 1954) Review

Jowett Jupiter (1950 – 1954) At A Glance


+Le Mans-winning Kudos

-Looks only its mother could love

The Jowett Jupiter was the Bradford company's only sports car. It was created by using Javelin's drivetrain in a bespoke tubular spaceframe. Though no beauty in the conventional sense, with its high nose and low tail, the body is at least distinctive and was created from a mixture of steel and aluminium panels.

The whole front hinges upwards to give superb engine access, perfect for roadside servicing. The MkIA from 1952 has a larger boot, with a bootlid installed - unlike the first version. Three class wins at Le Mans and one in the Monte Carlo rally proved the Jupiter’s dynamic abilities, and attracted enthusiastic buyers who appreciated its sporting kudos.

What does a Jowett Jupiter (1950 – 1954) cost?