Jowett Javelin (1947 – 1953) Review

Jowett Javelin (1947 – 1953) At A Glance


+Innovative British saloon

-Too-little known for its own good

The Jowett Javelin was an exceptionally brave attempt by a small British car manufacturer to make a splash in the export-or-die post-war drive. It was and technologically advanced for its time, having been designed by Britain's best car engineer you've never heard of - Gerald Palmer.

It possessed sporting performance and handling, good aerodynamics (headlamps faired into the wings, raked windscreen) and comfortable seating for five. The body was made from pressed steel, incorporating a box-section chassis and was made for Jowett by Briggs Motor Bodies in its Doncaster factory. The Javelin succeeded on all fronts and sold well with professionals.

Innovative and well-built, with torsion bar suspension and lightweight flat-four engine, they still feel surprisingly good to drive today and cruise happily at 65-70mph .