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Honda Insight (1999 - 2003)

Last updated 31 July 2019


Model Timeline

May 2000

Aluminium-bodied two-seater aerodynamic hybrid coupe reminiscent of Le Mans Panhard DB endurance racers. 1.0 litre 3 -cylinder VTEC engine offering 76`PS supplemented by 10 kW brushless DC electric motor. Very high geared, yet surprisingly quick and good to drive with 11.5-second 0-60 and 112 mph top speed.

Ultra low CO2 emissions of just 80 g/km and 83 mpg capability mean VED dropped to £60pa from April 2002 (£65 from April 2003) and London Congestion Charge exempt. Government subsidy dropped £16,960 list price price to £15,960. Started appearing at auction in 2002 and bidding to £10,000.

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