Honda Accord Mk1 (1976 – 1981) Review

Honda Accord Mk1 (1976 – 1981) At A Glance


+Appealing extension of the Civic concept, smooth punchy engine, useful in three-door form

-Rust was the main killer, dynamics lagged behind their European counterparts

The Honda Accord first appeared on the scene in 1976 as a three-door hatchback. Although its engineering closely mirrored that of the Civic - with it being based on a lengthened version of that car's platform - it was the first manifestation of its maker's desire to move further upmarket. Although really just a 'cooking' hatchback, such was the appeal of its sweet-running 1602cc engine, slick-shifting gearbox, and quad-headlamped fastback styling, the Accord found itself on the same shopping lists as cars such as the Volkswagen Scirocco, Ford Capri and Opel Manta.

The four-door saloon appeared the following year, and was a much more conservative looking effort - but under the skin, it shared the Civic's front-wheel drive layout, making it a class pace-setter. It also placed Honda at the cutting edge compared with its more conservative Japanese rivals. It was offered with air conditioning, power steering, and even a navigational system - but only in Japan.

What does a Honda Accord Mk1 (1976 – 1981) cost?