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Heinkel Reviews

Following WW2, Heinkel turned to making bicycles and scooters. In 1956, it expanded into building bubblecars (following the path of BMW with its Isetta), both in three- and four-wheeled form in order to meet demand from drivers desperate to continue motoring in a world of petrol shortages in the aftermath of the 1956 Suez Crisis.

The Heinkels were more sophisticated and spacious, than the closely-related Isetta. German production stopped in 1958, but continued under licence in Ireland and the UK (under the Trojan name) as well as in Argentina. Unfortunately for Heinkel, bubblecar boom was a passing fad and the impact of the Mini - and its rivals - soon wiped out all demand for them. By 1965, production had ceased worldwide.

Good: Cute, economical and quite a bit of fun - if you're a masochist
Bad: Don't even think about crashing it