Ferrari 400 Superamerica (1960 – 1964) Review

Ferrari 400 Superamerica (1960 – 1964) At A Glance


+Very fast, and the first Ferrari road car to feature a five-speed gearbox

-Rare and very expensive

The Ferrari 410 Superamerica took over from where the 375 had left off, and as its name intimated, it was aimed squarely at the American market. The car was designed to be the fastest and the best of its kind, and to achieve Enzo’s goals; Ferrari installed the largest and most powerful engine it could design – a 4963cc V12 producing 340bhp. Although the power unit had previously been seen in a racing 375, where it had stormed to victory at Le Mans, this was the first application of the V12 in a ‘standard’ road car. A brand new chassis with coil spring independent front suspension was built, and it was also used on the 250 GT cars.

Series II models arrived in 1957, with a shorter 250 GT wheelbase (102in) rather than 110in, and just eight examples were built, including a 380bhp 'Superfast' version. The Superamerica was then put on ice, before returning in 1959 in Series III form. Now powered by a 4963cc 400bhp engine, just 14 of these supercars were built. Although it was fabulously fast and poised sales were a disappointment – partially due to its astronomical price.