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Ferrari 308/328 (1975 - 1989)

Last updated 24 November 2014


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  • Rust can be a problem on steel 308s because they were not galvanised.
  • Rear parts of the front wing, just below the swage line can rot.
  • As can the inner wheel arch liner, which holds moisture.
  • Watch out for poor repairs using filler.
  • Doors can have many problems.
  • The outer edge of the skin is in line with the front wheels and can pick up chips.
  • Lower door seals are weak and corrosion can set in if they are worn.
  • Check the top edge of the swage line where the front and rear bumpers bolt to the body as moisture can become trapped here.
  • A low stance mens sills can meet kerbs, causing them to be dented – make sure they are level.

Engine & Gearbox

  • Engines are tough and if they are regularly serviced will cover high mileages.
  • Oil pressure should be around 85PSI on start up and 40-45PSI at tickover when warm.
  • Sadly, leaks aren't unheard of – often from the camshaft cover gasket.
  • Camshaft seals can also leak, especially if the car has only had light use.
  • Gearboxes are tough, and second is hard to engage when it’s cold.
  • If the ’box jumps out of first and reverse a rebuild may be on the cards.
  • Clutches are good for 30,000 miles – check for a high biting point.


  • 23-7-2001: "Various models" of Ferraris built 1/1/1967 to 31/12/1998 recalled because incorrect tightening of engine oil filter with insufficiently compliant 'O' ring could lead to a serious oil leak and fire risk. New type of oil filter to be fitted: part no. 191993.
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