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De Tomaso Reviews

De Tomaso

De Tomaso, the car company, built its first car in 1967. It was the creation of Argentinean Former racing driver Alejandro de Tomaso, who moved to Italy in the late-1950s and started to build racing cars. The Vallelunga was its first car, but the Mangusta put the company on the map. Like most subsequent models this was powered by a Ford V8 engine. The company’s staple product, the Pantera, followed in 1970, and was soon joined by the Deauville and Longchamps.

In the '70s De Tomaso acquired Maserati and Innocenti, which ended selling the Mini across Europe, though the former was sold off in 1993. Production in fits and starts since, including V8-powered Guarà and Bigua, and briefly relaunched in 2011 with a luxury saloon/crossover. It also failed.

Good: Extremely fast, fragile, lairy, scary and amazing - and we love that engine cover
Bad: Priced beyond reason these days, but a mid-engined pioneer
Good: Good-looking, useful four-door, with bags of performance and supercar kudos
Bad: Fragile, prone to corrosion, and clearly a Jaguar XJ6 pastiche
Good: Supercar looks and soundtrack, effortless performance, the potential to clear the outside lane of the motorway at a whim
Bad: Build quality is laughable, reliability even worse, and then there's the rust
Good: Understated good looks of the earlier versions, plenty of performance from the Ford V8 engine
Bad: Lacking the finesse and subtlety of something like a Ferrari 400, altogether more appealing in Maserati guise
Good: Looks like a proper supercar, with Countach-baiting attitude, good value compared with the thoroughbreds
Bad: Not fast or well-handling enough to cut it against the best 1980s supercar opposition