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DAF Reviews

DAF was a Dutch truck manufacturer that expanded into car design and manufacture in 1958. Its first product was the twin-cylinder 600cc Daffodil, which was considered innovative because of its Variomatic belt-driven Constantly Variable Transmission. It did mean that it was just as fast in reverse as it was forwards.

Good sales led to more powerful variants as well as the Michelotti-penned 44 of 1966; four-cylinder engines followed in 1967 as did the coupés. Volvo, which had been buying shares since the 1970s, took over fully in 1975, badged the current DAF 66 as one of its own and went onto launch the belt-driven Volvo 300 series in 1976, which had initially been conceived as the DAF P900.

Good: Economical, likeable, fun to drive
Bad: Troublesome CVT takes a great deal of getting used to