Clan Crusader (1971 – 1974) Review

Clan Crusader (1971 – 1974) At A Glance


+Superb handling and performance in a lightweight package, remains popular in the club racing and hillclimbing fraternity, well supported in the tuning community

-Styling takes some getting used to, it's cramped and noisy

The Clan Crusader might have been sold as a kit during its all too brief life, but the term 'kit car' probably does the car a disservice. In many ways it bore some similarities with early Lotus products, most notably in its low kerbweight and glass fibre bodywork.

It was also the first road car that really proved the worth of the Hillman Imp’s Coventry Climax engine, showing it to be something rather special. It was a classic '70s British sports car – glassfibre body, off-the-shelf engine and gearbox, all clothed in a wedge-shaped body. It was pricey new, at 40% more than an MG Midget, but the Crusader was brilliant to drive, and the material choice for the bodywork means the survival is excellent.