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Clan Reviews

Clan was created by Paul Haussauer after leaving Lotus in 1970. Just to add to the competitive situation, he sited his factory in Lotus's stamping ground of Norfolk and, joined by Lotus man John Frayling, the team designed a composite-bodied sports car powered by the Hillman Imp's impressive aluminium engine.

Production started slowly, because of component supply problems – a shame because press reveiws were ecstatic about the car's performance and efficiency. The Crusader was sold as a kit, and taxation changes in the early 1970s, which affected the entire specialist industry in the UK, led to the company folding in 1974. The Clan Crusader made a brief return with Alfasud power in the mid-'80s before disappearing completely.

Good: Superb handling and performance in a lightweight package, remains popular in the club racing and hillclimbing fraternity, well supported in the tuning community
Bad: Styling takes some getting used to, it's cramped and noisy