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Citroen Visa (1978 - 1988)

Last updated 20 September 2013

Roomy, comfortable, characterful flat-twin, interesting dashboard, sporting models go well, Decapotable version is a cheap fun convertible
Rust, poor parts and specialist support, almost extinct
were produced
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The next Peugeot-engineered Citroën after the LN made a much more convincing case for itself. It took the full-size 104 platform and combined it with an unusual body that was an evolution of a stillborn Citroen-designed mid-'70s supermini.

The combination of idiosyncratic and rational made for an excellent supermini, which went well, even in 652cc Club form. The convertible Decapotable model is an interesting five-door option - a latter-day Morris Minor Convertible. Continuously developed, and once introduced in GTI and Diesel form, the Visa truly came of age – and although it died in 1988, the C15 van lived into the 21st century.