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Citroen Visa GTI (1985 - 1988)

Last updated 6 April 2013

Fast and fine handling, effectively a five-door Peugeot 205GTI
Rare as hen's teeth, flimsy, rusty and ugly


The Citroen Visa GTI was one of the most unexpected hot hatchback heroes of the 1980 - and today, only the hardcore Citroenistes appreciate it. But the Visa GTi must surely be up there with the greatest. When the original Visa appeared in 1978, it married traditional double chevron styling with rational Peugeot underpinnings to create a spacious, comfortable and totally conventional small ‘big’ car. Sporting it was not.

Yet, the boys from Citroën decided it would be good for them to install the hot little 1.6-litre from the 205GTI.The resultant car was quick, comfortable and surprisingly capable. Quad headlamps look cool, too. If you can find one, snap it up, check it out for rust, cosset it and enjoy.