Citroen DS20, DS21 and DS23 (1966 – 1975) Review

Citroen DS20, DS21 and DS23 (1966 – 1975) At A Glance


+More power makes the DS even more irresistible

-The complexity of hydraulics, and hidden structural corrosion

Since the day it was launched, the Citroen DS had been crying out for more power, and certainly it deserved better engines than those which had been used in the Traction Avant before WW2. From 1965, it started to get them, with the Citroën DS21 being launched in 1966 with a 2175cc engine of 109bhp.

After the very successful restyle of the vehicle in 1967 to incorporate the sharknose front-end – with swivelling headlamps and faired-in headlamps – the DS19 was replaced by the DS20 (1985cc and 90bhp). But it was in the 1970s that the DS reached its peak, with a 2347cc unit dropped in to create the DS23. In fuel injected form, this pumped out 141bhp. At last the performance matched the appearance.Amazingly, this engine carriied on in the CX and lived on well into the 1980s.

Ask Honest John

Is there a kit car company that does the body for a Citroen DS?

"I am aware that kit cars are available for Lamborghini and Ferrari models plus various American muscle cars. But are you aware of a kit car company that does the body for a Citroen DS?"
I'm afraid we've never heard of a company making a kit car body for a Citroen DS. Time to start saving...
Answered by Keith Moody
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