Citroen DS Safari (1958 – 1975) Review

Citroen DS Safari (1958 – 1975) At A Glance


+Like a DS but with even more room inside

-Generally led a harder life, so more rare, and surviving examples more likely to suffer from problems

The Citroën DS Safari, introduced in 1958, certainly made great use of all of the advantages thrust upon it to make a great load carrier - long wheelbase, compact self-levelling suspension and front wheel drive. As well as having a huge luggage capacity it was also capable of being a seven-seater in ordinary form, but the Familiale version had three rows of seats and could accommodate eight.

The Hydropneumatic suspension came into its own on the load-lugging DS as, however much you packed in the back, the car would always stay level. Safaris followed IDs, but offered all engine options of the DS saloons and adopted the same shark-ish front end as its siblings in 1967. Known as the Break in France - which is where you will most easily find the best examples today.