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Citroen CX (1974 - 1991)

Last updated 8 January 2014


Buying Guide


  • Great to look at
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Great club and specialist support
  • Stands out from a crowd
  • Estate version is still one of the roomiest cars ever made.


  • A rusty one will empty your bank account in no time
  • Fragile interiors are sometimes impossible to repair
  • Electrics on later ones are flaky
  • All models can withstand high mileages, but only if properly and fastidiously maintained


  • Clutch replacement is an engine out job, so check it's all in order.
  • No cambelts to worry about except for the post-1979 Douvrin-engined models.
  • Check for oil leaks, espcially on early 2000s and 2400s - oil pressure switches can fail.
  • Rust - on the outside, check the bonnet, the roof, boot and doors. Sunroofs are also a rust trap, and by the time you've spotted it - on the outside - it might already be too late. They rot from the inside out, so if door shuts and wing joints are corroding, it could be much worse underneath. Estates are generally rustier than the saloons.
  • Rust - underneath, check the subframes and longerons. This is vitally important, and if the latter is affected, consider walking away.
  • ABS problems are usually down to sensors - finding replacements is not always easy.
  • Hydropneumatic suspension system is well-known and fully understood. Always check for green LHM, and a stiff ride often means spheres (cheap and easily sourced) simply need replacing.
  • Listen for the click from the accumulator sphere - if it's more frequent than, say, 30 seconds, is constantly noisy, or the car takes an age to rise, it will need replacing.
  • Rear arm bearings can start to seize, and are costly and time consuming to replace. Listen out for cracking noises from the rear when the car is being pumped up, and also check for uneven tyre wear.
  • DTR Turbo 2s suffered from porous blocks, but most will have been fixed by replacement engines. Check service history for proof that this has been done properly.
  • Tyres on TRX models are eye-wateringly expensive. If a car you're looking at has them, check they have plenty of tread and are in date.
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