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Audi 100 and 100 quattro (1982 - 1991)

Last updated 10 April 2013

Offers as much refinement as a modern car, rides well at high speed, excellent fuel consumption in all forms
They look amazing when polished but when they're down at heel there's still a whiff of banger


A major step forward when the wraps were pulled off this car in September 1982. Light weight and superior aerodynamics were allied to the efficient five-cylinder engine to produce an executive car with unrivalled pace (it could outrun a Rover 3500) and economy for its size. Significant for being the first production saloon with opening flush glazing, which helped achieve its record-breaking 0.30cd.

Under the skin, it was much the same as the old Audi 100. So it shared that car's longitudinally mounted five-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive layout, so all very efficient. Huge cabin, soulless interior and terrible ventilaton - so air conditioning was needed. But a genuine step forward, leaving the opposition trailing in its wake. Despite its advanced specification, the Audi didn’t quite earn its premium pricing here in the UK. It’s an interesting classic despite anodyne driving experience.

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