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Citroen C3 Pluriel (2003 - 2010)

Last updated 22 May 2019


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Quirky looks and the versatility to swap from coupe to cabrio, full convertible or pick-up.

Roomy for four adults.

Four-star crash test rating.


Doesn't quite suit the British climate. You have to make a brave decision whether to take the roof side bars with you or not because without them you can't put the roof up.

Rattles a bit. Lots of complaints of water leaks from where the side bars connect to the screen surround. Citroen originally claimed seals were damaged by heavy handed re-fitting of roof side arches.


Faults include:- poor fitting front bumpers with 6mm gap between bumper and headlights; missing boot security covers which if not in place allow items in the boot to fly away if car is being run with top fully down; also split plastic in rear hatch and leaking air-con.

Sensodrive 'snow mode' can be unreliable, failing to work at all in cold conditions and also suddenly coming on, unwanted, in very hot conditions, locking the box in 2nd gear. 

One report of throttle repeatedly jamming on a 1.6 Sensodrive making the car very difficult to control. 

'Whirring whine' from 1.4HDI may be failing timing belt tensioner, which is a roller bearing device like the idler pulley, but with a reddish rubber/nylon damper. Gates cambelt kits include this part. Wise also to replace waterpump which it driven by the timing belt. 

Roof mechanism prone to total failure at about 5 years old. The tracks break. Costs £2,000 (the value of the car) to replace.

5-12-2016: Intermittent alarm, six quiet bleeps plus six louder bleeps, then stops reported on C3 Pluriel.  No warning lights, no message shows.  Car continues to run normally. This alarm is not either seat belt or ignition alarms. Probably damp affecting wiring under the carpet.


Citroen Recalls Website. Register to receive recall/TSB information direct from Citroen.

December 2003: Non Safety Citroen TSB recall of 2,500 Pluriels to replace leaky A pillar seals, improve the front seats and modify the rear roof release handles.

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