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Citroen AX (1986 - 1998)

Last updated 6 April 2013


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  • Chirpy, light to drive, economical. Cheap to run. 11' 7" long by 5' 1" wide and wighed from just 668kg.
  • 58bhp 1.5 litre iron block diesel engine can be very long-lived if well maintained with regular oil, coolant, injector and cambelt changes. Also delivers 55-60 mpg. Front door pockets designed to take 2-litre bottles of wine.
  • Other engines were 45bhp 1.0; 55bhp 1.1; 65bhp, 85bhp and 100bhp 1.4s; and an alloy block 53bhp 1.4 diesel.


  • Very light build, so not good in a crash (especially early ones).
  • Offset twisted-spine driving position and big feet can cover more than one pedal at the same time.
  • Fall-apart interior trim.


  • Any body rot will significantly weaken fairly feeble structure. Thin body panels easily dented.
  • Worn engines start to rattle. Oil leaks are common. Smoking usually caused by more than just valve stem oil seals.
  • Make sure the heater is not leaking.
  • Check that brakes stop the car straight and true.
  • Reports of symptoms of premature bore wear on 1.5 really due to oil misting as a result of overfilling. Should not be filled with more than 3.5 litres of oil which reads to 2/3 full on the dipstick. High 7 out of 9 point death rate from accidents in this model.
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