Citroen Ami (1961 – 1978) Review

Citroen Ami (1961 – 1978) At A Glance


+Additional performance and room over a 2CV, fastback and estate versions very practical

-Frankly bizarre styling of reverse-rake Ami 6

Considering the now iconic status of the 2CV, it may seem strange that during the 1950s and the '60s, tit was actually a slow seller everywhere except France. To try and make the most of the capable platform Citroën introduced a number of different 2CV-based cars to boost sales, all of which met with varying degrees of success. The Ami 6 was created with good intentions, but ended up being one of the more eccentric attempts to extend the 2CV theme. More powerful than the 2CV, thanks to its flat twin 602cc engine, the Ami’s styling featured an awkward reverse rake rear window, and DS-style rear end.

Sales in France were typically strong, but the unconventional looks failed to convince customers elsewhere, so Citroën redesigned it in 1969 with a more conventional rear window line, as well as adding a new grille and front disc brakes. In this more export friendly form, it was renamed the Ami 8. The conventional Ami was quick enough, but in 1972, Citroën put in a four-cylinder 1015cc engine from the GS. The 61bhp Ami Super had performance that was not only impressive, but scary as well. Not for the faint-hearted.

Ask Honest John

What four wheeled car can l buy and drive with full motor cycle licence?

"What four wheeled car can l buy and drive with full motor cycle licence?"
The Renault Twizy and Citroen Ami can be driven on a full motorcycle licence as long as you hold category B1 entitlement for trikes and quads.
Answered by David Ross
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