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Audi TT (1999 - 2006)

Last updated 18 February 2019

Design icon with sure-footed handling.
Not Audi's best-built car.
Updated 13 February 2005

240PS 1.8 turbo TT Sport quattro coupe announced Feb 2005 with first UK deliveries May 2005 priced £29,335. No back seat or spare wheel to reduce weight and bring 0-62 time down to 5.9 seconds. Top speed...

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Clever people, the Germans. They may be first to lay towels on the hotel sunloungers every morning. But if they make a product we want even more than they do, they let us have it first.

Britain just happens to be Audi's best customer for the TT. They sell us 9,000 a year. But sales of the 225 were dropping off a bit because Brits were waiting for the 250bhp 3.2V6 DSG. So the first 3.2 DSGs to come off the production line have been RHD coupes, all for us.

Road Test Audi TT 3.2 DSG Coupe 2003

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