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Audi quattro (1980 - 1983)

Last updated 11 January 2014


Buying Guide


  • Sensational four wheel drive 200bhp turbocharged coupe, launched in Europe in 1980, sold in the in UK in LHD form initially, with RHD following from 1982.
  • 14' 5" long by 5' 8" wide.
  • Wheels and wheel-arches widened from 1984.
  • Engine up from 2144 to 2226cc in 1987. Power hiked to 220bhp in 1989.
  • Continued alongside new 80 Coupe to April 1991.
  • Got a boost by starring in 'Ashes to Ashes' tv series, started 7 February 2008 with Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes.


  • Early quattros got a lot of drivers who expected miracles into trouble.
  • Handling and roadholding were not foolproof, especially on snow and ice.
  • Feels very old-fashioned to drive in comparision with a modern Audi TT quattro.

What to Watch Out For

  • Accident damage.
  • Blown turbos.
  • Howling four wheel drive systems.
  • Be very careful not to waste time going to see a 136bhp quattro, or even a 1.9 coupe  thinking its a quattro turbo.
  • Be especially careful not to make this mistake when buying.
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