Audi 60, 70 and Super 90 (1965 – 1972) Review

Audi 60, 70 and Super 90 (1965 – 1972) At A Glance


+Advanced specification for its era

-Boring, especially without the two-stroke that DKW originally fitted to it

The Audi F103-Series (60, 70, 72, 80 and Super 90) is where it all began. The modern Audi phenomenon began has been amazing, especially when one considers that its first saloon (in the modern era) wasn't launched until 1965. It was very closely based on the DKW F102 - but that car's innovative three-cylinder two-stroke engine was dropped in favour of a hemi-headed four cylinder engine co-developed with Daimler-Benz in the late 1950s.

The neat-looking saloon might not have set the world alight when it was launched, but its solid engineering and neat road manners soon won it lots of friends. If anything it was under-engined and so performance wasn’t exactly sparkling. But the concept was soon expanded once the Audi marque had been successfully re-established. Today few remain, but well worth seeking out if you fancy an inexpensive slice of Teutonic efficiency.