Audi Coupe (1981 – 1988) Review

Audi Coupe (1981 – 1988) At A Glance


+Solid and efficient coupe that's surprisingly roomy

-Doesn't feel sporty, even in five-cylinder quattro form

The 80-based Audi Coupé was the first of its type built by its maker since the delectable 100S of the early 1970s. It appeared on the market six months after the quattro burst on to the scene, and although it shared its body with this car, you couldn't confuse the two given that car's wheelarch blisters and fat wheels. The Coupe was initially being offered (in the UK) in 1.9-litre five-cylinder 115bhp form; but the quicker and more expensive versions were subsequently released.

In 1983, the quattro version was rolled out, adding considerable ability. The range was facelifted with wraparound bumpers in ’84, and the range was expanded to include Golf GTi engined versions. Living in the quattro’s shadow means that even today, many people don’t appreciate the Coupé for what it is – a roomy, efficient and pleasant sporting car. Reliable and tough it might be, but parts are getting hard to find, but retro kudos is helping the cause and maintaining the survival rate.