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Audi Cabriolet (1991 - 2000)

Last updated 10 April 2013

Nice-looking, classy well-built open-top car with a wide choice of engines and rust-proof bodywork
Stodgy handling, rear bench only good for two midgets, tight for headroom with top up, plastic rear window becomes opaque


The Audi Cabriolet was an agreeable addition to the company's range when it was launched in 1991. It joined the 80 saloon and (new) Avant in fighting BMW's hegemony of the compact executive sector - and the new open-top was a very convincing proposition indeed. It joined the (surprisingly successful) Saab 900 and BMW 3-Series convertible as a high-class four-seater convertible, unencumbered with aesthetically displeasing roll-over bars. In Audi's case, its screen was reinforced to do away with the need for a roll bar.

The Cabriolet was Audi's first soft-top since the Auto Union 1000SP, which had been introduced in 1959. It was originally offered with the 90-degree 2.8-litre V6, but the 2.6-litre version was added to the range later. Heavily engineered to retain the structural rigidity of the Coupé (with which it shared sports suspension). Classy and a strong seller right through to the end, and destined for classic status - not just because Diana Princess of Wales had one.

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