Audi 200 and 200 quattro (1983 – 1991) Review

Audi 200 and 200 quattro (1983 – 1991) At A Glance


+Fast, refined and effortless over long distances

-Still looks too modern for most people to consider these cars as classics

Adding a turbocharger to the Audi 100 was always going to produce fine performance. And so it proved: with 182bhp on tap, the first of the C3 generation 200s were capable of well over 140mph, and yet produce realistic fuel consumption.

The addition of the quattro drivetrain in 1984 quelled the 200′s propensity for wheelspin, but was offered at a hefty premium on what was already becoming an eye-wateringly expensive car. And that’s why execs continued to buy 528is.