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Audi 100 and 100 quattro (1982 - 1991)

Last updated 10 April 2013


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  • Big aerodynamic saloons and Avant semi-estate.
  • 15' 9" long, 5' 11" wide, but not too heavy at 1,090kg.
  • Engines from familiar 90bhp VAG 1781cc OHC four with 5 speed manual or 3-speed auto. 115bhp 1,994cc 'five', 136bhp 2144cc 'five', 138bhp 2226cc 'five' which grew to 2309cc in 1989 but gained a cat so lost power back to 136bhp.
  • 100 Turbo had 165bhp 2226cc 'five' and came as front-drive or quattro.
  • Also an 87bhp 1998cc five cylinder turbodiesel. Galvanized bodies last well.
  • Can still get spares from specialists such as German & Swedish and Euro Car Parts.


  • Five cylinders overhanging the front wheels makes them not very inspiring to drive.


  • Parts like light lenses can be expensive.
  • By 2011 some parts had become very hard to get hold of.



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