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Audi 100 (1968 - 1976)

Last updated 27 March 2013

Thoroughly well engineered saloon, tough, reliable and good to drive
A bit dull, not exactly rust-resistant


The first Audi 100 was born amid chaos, thanks to parent company Volkswagen’s addiction to the rear-engine. But with the takeover of DKW and NSU, the company had access to some very gifted engineers, fully signed up to front-wheel drive; so even though VW may not have wished it, Audi under lead engineer Ludwig Kraus (nee Daimler-Benz) worked on its new-generation of saloons.

If the 60, 75 and 90 had done much to firmly establish Audi in the middle-market pecking order, it was down to the 100 to convince buyers further up the price scale that the Ingolstadt manufacturer was an alternative to Mercedes-Benz. Its powerful two-litre four-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive delivered a sound driving experience, while excellent quality and reliability were a strong selling point.